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As we move into the matrix of multidimensional awareness expect the unexpected as constant change is the only  stable condition. ~ Salantra                        

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Welcome to the home page of my website, and thank you for taking the time to share part of your day with me. I trust that we will have an opportunity to energetically greet each other in equality, and perhaps share some profound spiritual awareness with one another. And, I hope that you will continue to stop by to comprehend new updates and energetically experience the frequencies that accompany them.

Wherever we are in our conscious passage of spiritual evolution, we are all in a different place of divine understanding. With the new matrix of human life finally upon our doorstep, the impending impetus towards living in union, balance and harmony with each other in a new way of life, is so immense that human life as we know it, forever changes. The key to attaining this unification is to resonate with the frequencies of light that feel true to our heart and inner knowing, and let the rest pass through our consciousness without any attachment. It is essential for me to emphasize that you will experience a deep sharing of the language of light, which radiates encodements from a multidimensional template of understanding. There are many frequencies within this template, and their purpose is to synthesize unified insight into our consciousness.

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We have already entered the seventh golden age and with it comes another era of light. This signifies the time has come for us to complete our spiritual graduation on Earth, and remember the true lineage of our intergalactic origin. As we move through all phases of this initiation we bring ourselves into union with our intergalactic presence and experience all that we are as interplanetary civilizations, while living on Earth. For the first time in human history we consciously realize the grand picture of life as it advocates a unified understanding that is multidimensional in nature.

As beings of light and energy, it is important that we mark our footprints along the way so that our presence as “wayshowers” is clearly visible for others within humanity. An open mind and heart enables us to add spiritual affluence to our day-to-day life in a loving and positive way. Are you ready to integrate the origin of your true lineage, and live as though Heaven is on Earth?

Mission Statement for Heaven on Earth International

“Become a 'conscious human' living an authentic life on fifth dimensional Earth.”

"As we authentically witness ourselves,
we become conscious of all that we are.
As we become a conscious human,
we realize that we are unified as One."

Heaven on Earth International is dedicated to supporting others in their choice(s) to integrate the heightened knowing that consciousness is already unified. Through every client’s willingness to embrace the unknown along with the fundamental nature of individual balance, harmony with all life, creativity, and synchronicity, cohesive resonance is attained. By integrating the 5D qualities of infinite love, gratitude and appreciation, Salantra’s frequency upholds the appropriate resonant frequency for her clients to embody their own essence.

As we evolve we welcome each other to the new blueprint of human life.

 Abundant blessings of infinite love,



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