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Evolutionary Impulse of a Name Change
The Core of My Spiritual Work

Evolutionary Impulse of a Name Change

Transformation to the Cohesion of Salantra

While living in the intricate web of human life, the awe and gratitude for the conscious remembrance of on- and off-planet experiences echo as the oneness of unified consciousness.

SalantraHi, my name is Salantra and I welcome you to this page.

Are you are in the throes of choosing to make important change(s) that will affect the rest of your life? Whatever your choice is, it influences the “whole of humanity” as we all have a common connection, which is awakening to the cohesion within us. With this said, whether we are conscious or still unconscious godself, or inner guidance, always directs us to be where we need to be in any given moment.

For my prologue both professionally and personally, my preference is to connect with you from a genuine awareness of multidimensional understanding. Even though I have had many insightful and transformational experiences, the 5D conversion that I share with you now continues to shifts in my perceptionsfacilitate definitive shifts in my perceptions and further opens the doorway to many other profound experiences in my day-to-day life. Before I begin, I will say that this adaptation began with the evolutionary impulse to change my name to Salantra, and it required ultimate faith and trust. Without knowing where this new direction in life would lead me, my willingness to move into the unknown enabled me to cross my own threshold and integrate conscious and vibrant aspects of self that simultaneously live in multidimensional timelines of awareness. This understanding is based on the fifth dimensional template for living life on the new Earth. In my perspective, this concept is new to many within humanity; yet, this integration is an essential link in our evolutionary impetus towards oneness. This ultimate cohesion consciously unites the aspect(s) of our consciousness that live(s) in other interplanetary civilizations, and brings this inner knowing into our heart.  Hence, merging as unified consciousness is very different from reclaiming aspects of self that siphoned off due to residue from past life experiences. At this point of my prologue, I would like to take this opportunity to share the 5D conversion that facilitated profound definitive shifts in my consciousness. Since this merger I uphold deep gratitude and appreciation, and offer this sharing with the highest regard for your evolutionary journey, as the unified aspect of your consciousness transmits immense knowing into your heart.
In 1992 an overwhelming push came from inside me to ask godself what my galactic name is. In that moment I didn’t consciously understand the reason for asking this question; yet, the subtle voice within gave me that answer, that being...”Salantra.” Although I asked the question, the human side of me avoided this answer because I realized there was a divine plan with a bigger picture than what I was able to perceive in that moment. In that moment my resistance to accepting this name was based on the perception that it was my point in time “to step up to the plate” and fulfill my purpose for being here on Earth at the most crucial time in human history. Yet, when this impetus occurred, there wasn’t any clear direction or wisdom from godself as to how I was to use this knowing to obtain my purpose. Without this inner direction I chose to “let go,” and I continued working in my professional hands-on-healing practice, and the course training I offered at that time. However, two years later, this same spiral of opportunity to accept the name change to Salantra presented itself again. Because this is rare I knew that something much bigger was happening and I chose to walk this fine line and flow with this impetus.

Galatic Lightbody  
Artist Unknown  

At that time I didn’t realize that merging with the frequency of Salantra actually prepared me for the integration of the galactic lightbody, which occurred in 1997. Due to this alteration to my frequency I awoke to another evolutionary impulse, which is; “every impulse moves in two directions simultaneously.” This unified concept reveals that we are just beginning to realize that multidimensional understanding exists simultaneously in Heaven and on Earth and is both sacred wisdom and practical knowledge. Hence, my adaptation to the lightbody frequency gave me the cosmic strength and physical courage to take another leap of faith to enable the natural blending, both consciously and energetically, with the authentic lineage of my galactic origin. It wasn’t long before I realized that my preference to accept the lineage of my galactic heritage facilitated off-planet cohesion within me, and that the vibrational frequency that accompanies my name is one of the energetic bridges that supports others in their integration of unified consciousness. This is the evolutionary impulse that continues to facilitate my understanding of the current challenges and ultimate transformation that we as a human race are experiencing in order to redefine our life and embrace our full capabilities.

  Template of Understanding  
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Art Image by Bryan deFlores

The image to the left is an artist’s version of my galactic lightbody and was drawn in 1997. It reveals knowledge and wisdom on the new template of fifth dimensional understanding. Even though this cosmic frequency supports my physical body while here on Earth, its message is for all human life. If I may, I would like to share some of this information to offer further understanding for those also in readiness to move forward with their off-planet integration. If you look closely you will see dots and lines just below the shoulders of the lightbody image; these reflect ‘star maps’ that direct our consciousness to other dimensional timelines so that we can realize all that we are as unified consciousness. Within these dots and lines there are five other images that reflect other universes, where specific knowledge and wisdom is attained. The green symbol above one shoulder is the galactic sacred tongue for the name Salantra, as spoken on my home planet.

The headdress is sacred to my galactic heritage, and according to inner guidance, it is best that I refrain from sharing this knowledge until we as a human race consciously integrate substantial 5D understanding. The image in the bottom left corner has to do with balance and alignment between Heaven and Earth, and you can view the progression of this alignment in an enlargement of the final drawing on the Home Page of this site. The tall cylinders with windows at the bottom center of the image have to do with the development of heart-based communities, which have yet to be fully established on the new Earth. The bow and arrow image on the bottom right corner defines the fifth dimensional attribute of infinite love and anything less is returned to the sender a thousand fold.

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The open book in this lightbody image is the manuscript that I published in 2009 titled "Experience Heaven on Earth: The New Matrix of Life".  While in the throes of this writing endeavor, I experienced a heightened impetus within my consciousness. This forward momentum required that I make another evolutionary leap before the writing would be complete, as I needed to be able to uphold the frequency within myself as well as in the book.  The message in my book reveals that we all have the innate ability to integrate and attain multidimensional understanding. The unified frequency of light that downloaded while writing this manuscript sustains encodements within the language of light. These encodements liberate the reader from the paradigms of organized teachings programmed into the Morphic field, and assist the person who reads it in achieving independent thinking as well as harmonic resonance from within.

Hence, the vibrational frequency encoded in my book strengthens your ability to fully live life on the new Earth by way of harmonic resonance, and underscores the subtle perception that as you remember all that you are within unified consciousness, you open your inner portal to cohesion within multidimensional life. If you would like to preview Chapter 1 titled: “Quantum Shift into another Age of Light,” click on this link.  You can also listen to an audio on the publisher’s website, or you can read the text, which is on the Media Page in this website.

In this moment you may be asking yourself the following question. “If I am guided to change my biological birth name, am I willing to integrate the transformation that is required to assimilate its finely tuned frequency of light?” In my perspective, when a name change presents itself by way of divine timing, and we accept it with conscious awareness, gratitude and appreciation, we create major transformation in every area of our life because constant change is the stable condition that directs us to the next step of our evolutionary impulse.

bridgeMy willingness to take full responsibility for the completion of my cosmic mission here on Earth enables me to simultaneously live in the unified realm of Heaven, and be fully present with the practical aspect of having both feet firmly planted on the soil of fifth dimensional Earth. However, wherever you are in your evolutionary journey, or the religious tradition or spiritual methods that you practice in your daily life, you are creating a new way of balanced life that leads you to where you need to be. 

If you are interested in reading about my facilitation in supporting others in their transformation, click on the link at the bottom of this page.  There you will find detailed information about my support as a Golden Age Facilitator for Conscious Evolution, Clairsentient Vibrational Coach for Individual and/or Group Harmonic Resonance, Multidimensional Frequency Holder, and Facilitator/Host for Online Group:  “Evolving as Unified Consciousness.”

Thank you for visiting this page. I am honored by your choice to read about my transformation to the cohesion of Salantra.

With abundant blessings and infinite love,


The Core of My Spiritual Work

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Template of Understanding


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