Experience Heaven on Earth: Book Reviews

“In the course of our personal evolution as we find the way home to Oneness, it becomes very clear that we are not alone. We find that everything is as it should be: we find our light, our resonance. We celebrate the support, which awaits at every turn. In every challenge we recognize and treasure the clues and the nurturing guidance as Spirit leads us along the way. This joy of this discovery is in the book Experience of Heaven on Earth. I was led to the sweet gift of the gentle and wonderful guidance Salantra has been given to share in preparation for moving ahead into new life beyond limitation; we do not experience this as humans in 3rd dimensionality. For me, the opportunity to be guided through what I recognize to be a clearing, a personal healing via an entirely different level of self examination and re-alignment, and to evolve more deeply into what I also recognize to be understanding and wisdom is a great blessing, and as we all know, blessings are there for us all when we are ready to receive them. This is work, which no one can do for you but yourself. The journey is intensely personal, provocative, empowering and beyond imagination.”

~ Karen J Driscoll (Washington, DC, USA) Real Name 5 Star Reviews; Amazon.com Gentle Guidance, October 8, 2009

Experience Heaven on Earth: The New Matrix of Life is an experiential book that allows the reader access to their own blueprint. No other book gives step by step guidance and tools, which assist in the acceleration of your personal vibrational frequency–a manual where science and spirituality meet to assist you with your transfiguration. This book places conscious ascension in your hands.”

~ Karen Bissett, South Windsor, CT USA

“Salantra is a lightworker and clairsentient who brings the cumulative, integrated experiences of many intergalactic lifetimes to this book. In Experience Heaven on Earth: The New Matrix of Life, she describes the planetary shift in consciousness we are on the brink of, and empowers each reader to facilitate this personal and planetary shift.

Each of us has our own unique vibratory resonant frequency, or energetic signature which is as unique to us as our thumbprint. This signature frequency is based on the sum of the molecular resonances of all the DNA encodements, cells and substances in our body. Additionally, our personal frequency is influenced by the electromagnetic environment in which we find ourselves, from our proximity to electric devices to the geomagnetic forces of the planets, and the emanations of the stars. The

Experiential Keys in Experience Heaven on Earth: The New Matrix of Life are an energetic technology, which guides each individual to transform their own vibratory frequency on a cellular level. To be most fully effective, these Keys cannot be rushed through, or done from an intellectual place, or with expectations. They are sequenced for a reason– don’t skip around. Be open and present to the moment, and allow your kinesthetic and energetic awareness to unfold and develop authentically, at its own pace, and attend carefully to your experience. By honing your attention, and repeating a Key if necessary, until you sense that you have experienced the essence of what it is conveying, you will claim and deepen your own spiritual knowing and certainty.

We are quantum beings in a quantum universe, and by acknowledging this, and our most intimate interconnection with all things, we assume full responsibility for ourselves, our energy, our choices and actions and what we create. By learning to direct our consciousness to raise and refine our frequency, we can not only keep pace with the planetary changes around us, but actively participate in planetary transformation, and act most consciously for the greatest benefit for all sentient beings. Experience Heaven on Earth: The New Matrix of Life deserves a place on your metaphysical bookshelf.”

~ Bev Schenler; Real Name
Teacher, Psychotherapist, and Buddhist practitioner
5 Stars Reviews, August 8, 2009

“More than ever before, humanity is connected to one another.

More than ever before, humanity is connected to one another. “Experience Heaven on Earth: The New Matrix of Life” is a guide for new age spiritualists in using humanity and its greatly united consciousness of the modern day to gain a better understanding of the world. By understanding who people really are, one gains a better understanding of oneself.

A highly recommended spiritual guide.”


~ Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
5 Star Reviews, Amazon.com
July 10, 2009

“My husband and I had met and consulted with Salantra about 5 years before this publication. Salantra called me on my birthday to say it is offered for sale and I purchased it that day.

Salantra’s insights are directly from spirit. Her approach to the energy work is different and it will shift you. If you have come upon this book, it is a gift from spirit and it needs to be absorbed. The chapters will fill you with understanding about what is happening around us right now, as well as bring about a much deeper understanding of your spirit self.”

~ Karin Lewis-Ward “KD” (real name)
5 Star Reviews, Amazon.com
November 4, 2008

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