Golden Age Resources – Recommended Books

Everyone has their own preference and interests when it comes to reading books. This list of books is offered as a recommendation only.


  • Abduction to the 9th Planet: Michel Desmarquet, ISBN 0-646-15996-8;
  • A New Earth: Eckhart Tolle;Alchemy of Nine Dimensions: Barbara Hand Clow, Gerry Clow ISBN 1-57174-420-7;
  • An Ascension Handbook: Tony Stubbs, ISBN 1-880666-08-1;
  • An Inconvenient Truth: Al Gore, ISBN 978-0-670-06271-3 (hardcover), ISBN 978-0-670-06272-0 (pbk);
  • Animal-Speak, the Spiritual and Magical Powers of Creatures Great and Small: Ted Andrews, ISBN 0-87542-028-1;
  • The Ascension Series: Joshua David Stone, Light Technology Pub;
  • Autobiography of a Yogi: Paramahansa Yogananda;
  • The Awakened One: A life of the Buddha, ISBN 0-87773-979-x;
  • Beyond Fear, The Teachings of Don Miguel Ruiz: Mary Carroll Nelson, ISBN 1-57178-038-6;
  • Beyond the Indigo Children: P.M.H. Atwater, L.H.D.  ISBN 1-59143-051-8;
  • Beyond Stonehenge: Gerald S. Hawkins, ISBN 06-011786-9 (hardcover);
  • The Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, J.J. Hurtak, ISBN 09603450-4-3;
  • The Celestine Prophecy: Michael Redfield;
  • The Children of the Law of One and the Lost Teachings of Atlantis: Jon Peniel, ISBN 0-9660015-3-2;
  • Children of the Matrix: David Icke, ISBN 09538810 1 6;
  • Christ Consciousness: Norman Paulsen, ISBN 0-941848-04-3;
  • Conversations with Yogananda: Swami Kriyananda, ISBN 1-56589-202-X;
  • E.T. 101: The Cosmic Instruction Manual, Diana Luppi, ISBN 0-9626958-0-7;
  • The Emerald Tablets of Thoth: The Atlantean: Doreal, ISBN 0-9665312-0-5;
  • Eye of the Center: Barbara Hand Clow;
  • The Four Agreements: Don Miguel Ruiz, ISBN 1-878424-31-9;
  • The God Code: Gregg Braden, ISBN 1-4019-0300-2;
  • The Hathor Material: Tom Kenyon, Virginia Essene, ISBN 0-937147-10-9;
  • The Healing Power of Mind: Tulku Thondup, ISBN 1-57062-330-9;
  • “I AM” Adorations and Affirmations: St Germain Press, Inc. 1937;
  • I Remember Union: The Story of Mary Magdalena, Flo Aeveia Magdalena; ISBN 1-880914-06-9;
  • Initiation: Elisabeth Haich, ISBN 0-916108-04-x;
  • Initiation in the Great Pyramid: Earlyne Chayney, ISBN 0-918936-21-7;
  • Inside Star Vision: Planetary Awakening and Self-Transformation, Ellias & Theanna Lonsdale, ISBN 1-55643-324-7;
  • Journey into Oneness: Michael Roads;
  • Kali-The Feminine Force: Ajit Mookerjee, ISBN 0-89281-212-5;
  • Keepers of the Ancient Knowledge: Joan Parisi Wilcox, ISBN 1-86204-492-9 Revised edition;
  • Masters of the Living Energy: The Mystical World of the Q’ero of Peru, ISBN 1-59477-012-3;
  • Ayahuasca-The Visionary and Healing Powers of the Vine of the Soul, Joan Parisi Wilcox, ISBN 0-89281-131-5;
  • Kriya Yoga: The Scientific Process of Soul-Culture and the Essence of All Religions, Paramahansa Hariharananda, ISB#3-902038-19-5;
  • Legends of the Star Ancestors: Nancy Red Star, ISBN 1-879181-79-7;
  • Love Is In the Earth-A Kaleidoscope of Crystals: Melody, ISBN 0-9628190-3-4;
  • Love Is In the Earth: Mineralogical Pictorial: Melody, ISBN 0-9628190-2-6;
  • Mahatma 1 and 11: the I Am Presence: Brian Grattan, ISBN 0-929385-77-2;
  • The Mastery of Love: Don Miguel Ruiz, ISBN 1-878424-42-4;
  • Matrix 1V: The Equivideum, Val Valerian;
  • Medical Assistance Program, MAP: Machaelle Small Wright, ISBN N-0-927978-62-8;
  • Mount Shasta: Where Heaven and Earth Meet, Jane English and Jenny Coyle, Card Number 95-0900740;
  • Mutant Message Downunder: Marlo Morgan;
  • The Mystery of the Crystal Skulls: Chris Morton and Ceri Louis Thomas, (hardcover) ISBN 0-7225-3485-X;
  • The Mysteries of Sedona- Book Three, The Quest: Tom Dongo, ISBN 0-9622748-2-8;
  • The Next Dimension is Love: Ranoash the Ataien, Dorothy Roeder, ISBN 0-929385–50-0;
  • Nothing in This Book Is True, but It’s Exactly How Things Are: Bob Frissell, ISBN 1-883319-01-3;
  • On Wings of Light: Ronna Herman, ISBN 1-887472-19-3;
  • The Operator’s Manual for Planet Earth: D. Trinidad Hunt, ISBN 0-7868-6177-0;
  • The Pleiadian Agenda: Barbara Hand Clow, ISBN 1-879181-30-4;
  • The Power of Now: A Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment, Eckhart Tolle ISBN 1-57731-152-3;
  • The Secrets and Mysteries of Hawaii: Pila, ISBN 1-55874-362-6;
  • Sacred Mirrors: the Visionary Art of Alex Grey, Ken Wilber, Carlo McCormick ISBN 9 780892813148;
  • Secret of the Andes: Brother Philip, ISBN 0-915070-02-2;
  • Sedona Vortex and Medicine Wheel Guide: Richard Dannelley;
  • Soul Retrieval: Sandra Ingerman, ISBN 0-06-250406-1;
  • Soul Stories: Gary Zukav, ISBN 0-7432-0407-7;
  • Spirit and the Mind: Samuel Sandweiss, ISBN 0-9600958-9-6;
  • Spiritual Interpretation of Scriptures: Joel S. Goldsmith, ISBN 0-87516-310-6;
  • Star Ancestors-Indian Wisdom Keepers Share the Teachings of the Extraterrestrials: Nancy Red Star, ISBN 0-89281-819-0;
  • The Star-Borne: Solara, ISBN 1-878246-00-3;
  • Starlight Elixirs & Cosmic Vibrational Healing: Michael Smulkis, Fred Rubenfeld, ISBN 0-85207-258-9;
  • The Taoist I Ching: Thomas Cleary, ISBN 0-87773-352-X (pbk.) Distribution through Random House ISBN 0-394-74387-3;
  • Truth Shall Set You Free: Norma Milanovich;
  • Ultimate Journey: Robert Munroe; The Way of Qigong: Kenneth S. Cohen, ISBN 0-345-42109-4;
  • The Web That Has No Weaver: Ted J. Kaptchuk O.M.D. 16067 01895 7;
  • The Wedding Vows from Conversations with God: Neale Donald Walsch and Nancy Fleming-Walsch, ISBN 1-57174-161-5;
  • Welcome Home: Sandra Ingerman, ISBN 0-06-250267-0;
  • Wheels of Light: Rosalyn Bruyere;
  • What Is Lightbody: Archangel Ariel, Channeled by Tashira Tachi-ren;
  • The World Is As You Dream It – Shamanic Teachings from the Amazon and Andes, John Perkins, ISBN 0-89281-459-4
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