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Activation: energetic awakening of intergalactic consciousness.
Adam Kadmon/Adam Kadmon Elohim: perfection of heavenly human within physical form.
Adonai Elohim Adonai: extension of creation manifest as singular emanation.
Aerokinesis: purifies air and directs the course of wind and gasses.
Age of Aquarius: 7th golden age; quantum shift in human consciousness; create our destiny.
Age of light: matrix for the 2000 year cycle of the 7th golden age.
Ain: void before creation.
Ain Soph: infinite space; intuitive feeling of an endless boundless presence; ain means nothing before creation and soph is the final stage of manifestation.
Ain Soph Or: infinite light; body of creation.
Akashic Records: etheric archive; multidimensional experiences of holographic data stored in an etheric hall of records.
Alchemical Elixir: resonant frequency of illumination within the solar heart that pulsates to its own galactic rhythm; transmits the essence of infinite love.
Alchemy: alteration of physical matter through intention.
Alignment: energetic orientation where the centers of what is being aligned is in balance; alignment of templates within grid systems; integration of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
Alternate Reality: experience within another timeline of consciousness.
Anagrams: sustain magic power; Romans referred to the study of anagrams as “ars magna,” the great art.
Androgynous: unified masculine and feminine principles of ain soph or.
Androgynous Principle: covenant of light between the masculine and feminine within ain soph or.
Andromeda Galaxy: emanates balance between vertical and horizontal frequencies of light; transmits through thought, color and sound; sensation of timelessness.
Angelic Emissaries of Light: our resonant pulsation of light as archangels.
Anunnaki: intergalactic civilization on the planet Nibiru.
Aquakinesis: generate movement in water.
Archangels: resonant frequency of light within the tree of life; energetic bridge to the lineage of our intergalactic origin.

Auriel: an angelic emissary of our light that emanates cosmic order and synergy throughout consciousness.

Gabriel: as this consciousness we experience cosmic wisdom, circles of unity, love and service.

Khamael: as this emissary of light we emanate cosmic intelligence throughout consciousness.

Metatron: as this angelic emissary of light, we emanate conscious divinity in its purest form; interstellar garment of el shaddai.

Mikael: as this consciousness we experience our galactic coronation and divine birthright; embodiment of the crown of immortalit.

Raphael: our consciousness, as this emissary of light emanates true sovereignty.

Ratziel: as this angelic emissary of light we experience evolution as it is within the divine plan.

Sandalphon: as this consciousness we synergize earth’s 5th dimensional blueprint into our circuit system; we embody the frequencies of all 10 sefirahs and consciously experience heaven on earth.

Tzadkiel: our consciousness as this emissary of light transfigures energetic distortion into perfection.

Tzaphkiel: as this angelic emissary of light, we emanate cosmic pulsations throughout the subtle circuit system.

Ascension: upward mobility along a vertical axis; assimilation of original configurations of energy that realign our frequency with its original blueprint; transfigures physical matter into a 5th dimensional frequency; brings all that we experience into the present moment; final phase of life on earth as we know it; supports our divine birthright; integrates divinity and conscious mastery; occurs in daily life experiences.
Ashtar Command: as consciousness within this federation we are the ashtar command, a fleet of space commanders that oversee and govern all activities between interplanetary civilizations in this and other regions of distant universes.
Astral Template: subtle circuitry of complex archetypal forces, which manifest as awareness within 3rd dimensional reality; transforming crucible through which all energy passes; complex emotional circuitry that emanates resonant frequencies of light throughout the physical body.
Atmic Template: subtle circuitry that emanates as undifferentiated awareness within divinity; modulates amplification of christ-light throughout the circuit system; sustains a unified frequency of light.
Atmokinesis: influence atmosphere and weather.
Attachment: limiting force of self-imposed energetic patterns that stagnates spiritual understanding and maturity.
Attunement: energetic alignment that transmutes dissonance into balance and harmony.
Audiokinesis: transfigure sound waves.
Aura: force field of electromagnetic energy that radiates oscillating waves of light around the physical body, which intertwines with energetic gateways throughout the circuit system.
Authentic: genuine and real; attribute that emanates acceptance of who you are.
Authentic Self: all that you are as ain soph or.
Awareness: state of consciousness; being cognizant of clarity and truth.


Baktun: contains 144,000 days or nearly 400 tropical years.
Baptism: symbolic ritual of being cleansed and reborn; being submerged in the living waters that activate conscious awareness of the divine blueprint; experience where the starseed becomes attuned to the earth plane.
Belief: self-created or adopted thoughtform that strengthens our awareness or reinforces illusion.
Beloved Complement: ultimate counterpart; intimate, romantic, symbiotic relationship that nurtures our soul through the joyous embodiment of balance, harmony and equality; spiritual partner.
Bi-locate: experience of being in more than one location simultaneously; multidimensional version of astral projection.
Biokinesis: transfigure organs and other biological matter within all life forms; skilled biokinetics alter genetic encodement, which transfigures the appearance and functionality of the body.
Biorhythm: recorded rhythm of physical, emotional and mental cycles of energy; tool to predict energy cycles.
Binah: sefirah at the top of the feminine triad.
Binah Ruach Devekut: sacred tongue; a unified frequency; synthesis of spirit; transmutes the old paradigm into an another age of light.
Black Hole: region in space where the gravitational pull is so great that even light cannot escape from the star�s gravitational field; wormhole into other universes.
Blueprint: geometric grid of light that sustains interstellar encodements, as in 12-configurations of original DNA; interstellar patterns of light; formless, yet all form; sustain templates from which matrices are created.
Blueprint of Divinity: sustains the divine plan for sovereignty.
Body of Creation: as creation; ain soph or.
Body of Light: interstellar frequency of the lightbody or merkabah of light.
Bridging: crossing thresholds of consciousness so that ego merges with soul



Causal Template: subtle circuitry; frequency that assimilates higher self, as our light.
Cellular Memory: cell�s innate ability to remember previous experiences.
Centaurian Time: 37 hours per day.
Chakratic Circuitry: energetic gateways within the unified circuit system; system of 7 primary gateways, 21 secondary gateways, 5 additional gateways of heightened frequencies of light; solar circuitry; subtle circuitry; each gateway resonates to a different vibrational frequency, as well as a specific gland and organ in the body.
Channeling: multidimensional pathways within self that enable resonant frequencies of our consciousness to impart information verbally or through the transmission of energy.
Cherubim: as cherubim, we are recording angels in service to the seraphim and translate thoughtforms that emanate directly from this angelic frequency of light.
Chesed: middle sefirah of the masculine triad.
Chochmah: top sefirah of the masculine triad.
Chohans: our consciousness within the 4th, 5th, 6th and 7th rays; as this consciousness we facilitate our evolution from the phase of the initiate to conscious mastery.
Christ: frequency of consciousness as yeshua.
Christ-Light: galactic light within the solar heart that assimilates into the human heart; emanates compassion, infinite love and divine wisdom.
Christed-Oversoul Template: sustains christ-light in its purest form; assimilates the language of light throughout the circuit system; energetic mediator between
human consciousness and all-that-is.
Circadian Rhythms: behavioral and physiological rhythms associated with the cycle of the new earth�s rotation.
Circuit System: energetic grid system that includes physiological, chakratic and subtle circuitry.
Clairaudience: hearing thoughts, words, sounds and resonant tones beyond physical auditory range from our own resonant frequency of light in other dimensions.
Clairsentience: intuitive insight beyond the range of all physical senses; energetic
sensation of resonant frequencies of light.
Clairvoyance: insight beyond visual range into multidimensional frequencies of light.
Co-Creation: alchemy of creation.
Communion: synergy of consciousness; resonant frequency of light within self.
Compass Rose: cosmic tool that assists in the navigation of intergalactic travel.
Complement: highest expression of twin-ray frequency.
Complete Circuit System: capstone to intimate relationships in 5th dimensional life.
Configuration of Light/Energy: original 12-strand configuration of dna; frequency or relative position of a group of planets or stars; complex matrix of light.
Conscious: cognizant; active mental capacity; being aware of one�s full presence.
Conscious Creation: alchemy of manifestation through intention.
Conscious Knowing: immediate recognition of energetic transmissions that originate beyond human intellect.
Consciousness: umbrella for a multitude of frequencies; awareness of one�s infinite existence.
Continuum: continuous experience of an event; time-space continuum; continuum of time experienced in another dimension; past and future in the present moment.
Core Imprint: originates as our 1st experience with soul-spark and sets into motion the stream of consciousness that accompanies soul; sustains thoughtforms that create mental imbalance.
Cosmic Christ: our consciousness as an intergalactic being of light.
Cosmic Cross: equal cross of light that emanates interstellar balance.
Cosmic Eye: solar gateway in the center of the forehead.
Cosmic Stream: consciousness as it flows in and out of inclusion.
Creative Fire: flame within the fountain of creativity.
Credence: declaration of inner liberation.
Crossroad: corridor of timelessness; space in time where all that no longer serves its purpose energetically transmutes.
Cryokinesis: manifest freezing temperatures and control cold air; cryokinetics change water to form ice.
Cryptex: portable container that has 5 lettered dials with 26 letters in each dial; contains a rod threaded with lettered tumblers that when rotated spell different words; safeguards letters, maps, and diagrams; information in a cryptex is accessible with the proper password; created by Leonardo da Vinci.
Crystal Bridge: an energetic bridge to the matrix of 5th dimensional life.
Crystal Children: future inhabitants of the new earth; golden age teachers.
Crystalline: perfected state; 5th dimensional frequency; refined state of amplified energy within the body template.
Crystallization: solidified form of energy and consciousness.



Dark Night of Soul: reconciliation of on- and off-planet experiences; phoenix rising from its ashes; communion of our light within intergalactic consciousness.
Delusion: fixed mistaken perception of something that really exists.
Descension: resonant frequencies of unified consciousness experienced in 3rd dimension.
Dimension: magnitude measured in a particular direction, which determines the �location of an object or event in time and space;� range of vibrational frequencies in which everything exists simultaneously; interdimensional timeline of consciousness; 1-dimensional space is a single line, 2-dimensional space is flat, 3-dimensional space has length, width and height, and 4-dimensional space synergizes space and time.

1st Dimension: mineral world; holds ancient knowledge within atoms, molecules, minerals and rocks; slowest vibratory rate on earth.

2nd Dimension: vibrational timeline in which the stellar frequency of plants, trees, animals (on land and sea), and insects seed the earth with a grid of intelligence that is equal with human intelligence.

3rd Dimension: timeline where souls incarnate into individuation to experience full conscious knowing with all-that-is; density of earth school experience; world of illusion and separation from the whole.

4th Dimension: the polarized realm of archetypal forces that interact with our consciousness on earth; overlaps the 3rd dimension and promotes unity and peace; guided by our consciousness in the intergalactic civilization ofanunnaki on planet Nibiru.

5th Dimension: interstellar blueprint of light; sustains interplanetary wavelengths that surround earth, yet are invisible to the naked eye; frequencies of geometric encodement; new matrix of life; guided by our consciousness in the intergalactic civilizations of the star system pleiades.

6th Dimension: sustains frequencies of sacred geometry that transmit through the language of light; is the lightbody form of the 3rd dimensional world; guided by our consciousness in the intergalactic civilizations of the star system Sirius.

7th Dimension: sustains light that emanates balance between vertical and horizontal energies; transmits communication through thought; stargate to intergalactic consciousness; guided by our consciousness in the intergalactic civilizations of the andromeda galaxy.

8th Dimension: structural organization of cosmic intelligence, known as the intergalactic federation; dimension through which group souls fulfill theircosmic mission; guided by our consciousness in the intergalactic civilizations of the constellation Orion.

9th Dimension: intertwines with the most subtle of frequencies and synergizes them within the main power current of our spinal column; sustainsour consciousness within the galactic core; transmits the language of lightinto the 3rd dimension; guided by our consciousness in the intergalactic civilization known as enochians.

10th Dimension: the nothing and everything where the 1 and the 0 are unified; emanates the alchemical formula for conscious divinity; sustains the androgynous principle that the sum is greater than its parts.

11th Dimension: synergy of 2 distinct frequencies, the androgynous masculine principle of YHVH and the androgynous feminine principle of Shekinah, as the unified frequency of Yhsvh.

12th Dimension: an endless perspective; emanates the vibrational frequency of 12 configurations of energy; synergizes all 12 dimensions into the13th dimension.

13th Dimension: everything is equal to the whole; all time, all space, all consciousness, all knowing, all experience exist as one; an inevitable state of awareness that brings us full circle.

Dissonance: inharmonious energy; discord.
Divine: spiritual aspect of all-that-is; inner presence of light; Supreme Being.
Divine Fiat: matrix of light that affects change or alters an existing mandate.
Divine Order: universal order; order in which all things naturally occur.
Divine Plan: implementation of cosmic order.
Divine Will: transfiguration of free will; conscious alignment with the divine plan; overrides distortion created by ego and its personality; in alignment with the highest good of all; fusion of soul contract and destiny pattern.
DNA: the master molecule that contains the original genetic blueprint of divinity; deoxyribonucleic acid.
Dodecahedron: 5th element; interstellar substance ether; platonic solid with 12 faces to its design.
Download: energetic transmission of the language of light.
Duality: state of polarization that reinforces co-dependence and creates opposite polarities.
Dweller on the Threshold: final test before initiation; transfiguration into a higher understanding of self; transcends the shadows within multidimensional threads ofconsciousness; inspiration or illumination.



Earth-Star: an energetic gateway 6 – 12 inches below the arches of the feet.
Echokinesis: measurement of acoustic pulsations in air and water to determine distances; use of sonar feedback to visualize and create spatial mapping.
Ego: attachment to who we are as form; 3rd dimensional identification; controls thoughts and behavior of self-importance; perpetuates the illusion of separation; focuses on duality and polarity consciousness; projects an unclear perception.
Egoic Template: subtle circuitry that neutralizes intellectual thoughts within the body�s cerebral circuitry.
Eka Template: subtle circuitry that sustains geometric codes and modulates the language of light; facilitates alchemy of conscious mastery.
El Shaddai: garment of light; merkabah; physics of creation in its purest form.
Electrokinesis: generate and control electrical currents through the use of the mind; recharge or transfiguration of electricity from electronically-based devices.
Electromagnetic Energy Field: subtle energy field that encompasses all bodies of light; living essence of yin-yang frequencies
Electromagnetic Template: subtle circuitry that sustains the grid of light for the human circuit system.
Electron Particle Spin: energetic momentum of particles in the main power current of our spinal column that transfigures our frequency; light in the center of the vesica piscis, a sacred symbol for 2 overlapping discs of light.
Eli, Eli, Eli: body of zohar; opens primary chakratic circuitry.
Elohim: interstellar frequency of our consciousness that lives between space andtime; guards intergalactic portals.
Embodiment: individuation; soul embodies atoms, molecules and cells of a lifestream.
Emissaries of Light: our light, as in archangels.
Emotion: energy-in-motion; desires obscured by fictions of the mind; state of consciousness that causes reaction or response.
Emotional Circuitry: system that influences programs of emotion.
Energy: resonant frequencies of light; microcosmic-macrocosmic life force.
Energy-in-Motion: release of cellular memory that ignites energetic feelings; emotion.
Energy Patterns: vibrational frequencies that energetically solidify.
Enlightenment: movement into the light; full conscious knowing of all things.
Enochian: intergalactic civilization in the galactic core.
Epi-kinetic Template: subtle circuitry that sustains a centrifugal geometric force, which ignites the electron particle spin within the circuit system.
Eschatology: branch of theology concerned with final events.
Esh Ka Eem: kabbalistic tree of life.
Eternal: always existing, perpetual, without beginning or end.
Eternity: indefinable vastness of light throughout creation.
Etheric: invisible life force based in the interstellar substance ether; decoded intuition through experiential feelings; realm of consciousness where 4th dimensional forces reside.
Etheric Template: subtle circuitry that maintains the foundational grid of light for all the templates.
Existence: state of being; universal order; momentum that carries the flow of life;extraction: shamanic removal of an energetic program.
Evolution: process of spiritual growth through human development.



4th Aspect: is greater than the sum of its parts.
Fountain of Creativity: creation of full potential.
Free Will: bestows free choice according to one�s accord; option to do whatever one wishes regardless of whether it is for the highest good of all concerned.
Frequency: fundamental conductor and building block of the universe; number of cycles in energetic oscillating waves of light; vibrations per mono-second as in momentum of the electron particle spin.

Resonant Frequency: any innate frequency of light.

Unified Frequency: emanation of oneness as a frequency of light.

Vibrational Frequency: wave of energy within our physical body; electrical charge within atoms, molecules and cells.

Fusion: act of merging; that which is greater than the sum of its parts; light within unified consciousness.
Future Self: our light within intergalactic consciousness; unified consciousness.



Gaia: spirit of earth.
Galactic: another galaxy or universe; pertaining to form without form.
Galactic Core: portal for intergalactic consciousness; central sun for all universes; center for intergalactic consciousness; frequency of light that nourishes the earth�s sun; pulsating frequency of the solar heart; 3rd eye gateway of this solar system; assimilates the interstellar frequency of the galactic lightbody into our circuit system.
Galactic Houses of Spirit: infinite astrological configurations; also known as the house of many mansions.
Galaxy: complex network of interrelated star systems isolated from similar systems by vast regions of space; comprises subatomic particles within and between billions of stars; large system of stars held together by gravitation.
Garment of El Shaddai: divinity within unified consciousness.
Gaweah: galactic lightbody.
Geburah: middle sefirah of the feminine triad.
Gematrian Template: subtle circuitry that synergizes our light, as Shekinah; sustains mathematical codes of sacred geometry.
Geokineis: alteration of mineral composition; natural release of energy between tectonic plates.
Geometric Codes: interstellar codes of light; 12 configurations of light in original DNA.
Godself: omnipresence of god experienced as an inner presence.
Golden Age: age of light; unified time-space continuum.
Gold-Platinum Light: resonant frequency of light that amplifies the electron particle spin in the central meridian of the spinal column; highest frequency of light that our physical body can synergize in the 3rd dimension.
Grail: spiritual symbol for the chalice of purity; the frequency within the chalice contains an alchemical elixir of light.
Grand Sextile: astrological configuration of 6 aspects of 60 degrees each, known as sextiles, that form a star of david.
Grid System: geometric blueprint of interstellar frequencies of light; electrical energetic grid around earth; ley lines.
Guideline: instructions, criteria, directions or a standard of principles to follow in order to determine a course of action.
Gyrokinesis: realignment of gravitational fields of energy.



Hunab Ka: galactic core.
Harmonic Convergence: occurred in 1987; convergence of spiritual consciousness; synergistic event to assimilate the resonant frequency of god consciousness.
Hexahedron: platonic solid; sustains a frequency that quickens the ascension experience in each of us.
Higher Ego: transmutation of the human ego.
Higher Self: oversoul; christ-light; our consciousness as it weaves in and out of other timelines.
Hod: sefirah at the bottom of the feminine triad.
Hologram: 3 dimensional holographic image of reality created from experiences of duality and polarity; projection of thoughts and beliefs into linear time and space; images from a split laser beam.
Holographic Blueprint: etheric grid of light; original blueprint.
Holy Spirit: third person of the trinity, e.g.: father, son, Holy Spirit.
Horn of Plenty: tribute to Baphomet�s fertility; dated back to Zeus being suckled by a goat whose horn broke off and magically filled with fruit.
Humanity: likened to a flower that blooms throughout eternity.
Hydrokinesis: alter liquid such as water, oil and alcohol; increase or decrease in the momentum of water.
Hypothalamus Gland: endocrine gland in the human brain.



I AM: divine blueprint; �I� is the witnessing presence within unified consciousness
and �AM� is all-that-is witnessing itself; covenant of light between the human
self, higher self and all-that-is; blossoming evolution of soul.
Icosa-Dodecahedron: energetically blends water with the interstellar substance ether; geometric air-based solid of pentagons and triangles that sustain an advanced interstellar frequency of light.
Icosahedron: platonic solid; aspect of a merged frequency that supports life in the 5th dimension.
Ideograms: spaces between symbols that are inscribed with passages of foreign languages.
Illuminati: human lifestreams that try to control the new world order.
Illusion: deception that produces false impression; erroneous perception of being different from present reality; a false interpretation of a mental image.
Incarnate: embodiment of soul into the atoms, molecules and cells of a living form.
Inclusion: life in unity and wholeness.
Individuation: physical or non-physical embodiment.
Infrared light: an invisible part of the spectrum of light; comprises electromagnetic radiations of wavelengths from 0.8 to 1000 microns.
Infusion: process of assimilation; fusion.
Interdimensional: access to all dimensions within self.
Interdimensional Synchronicity: synchronistic momentum within interdimensional timelines.
Interdimensional Timeline: stream of consciousness that sustains parallel or alternate realities; timelines of universal consciousness that intertwine with human consciousness.
Intergalactic: life within star systems, galaxies and universes.
Intergalactic Consciousness: resonant frequency of consciousness within interplanetary civilizations.
Intergalactic Federation: upholds an intelligent system of cosmic organization that functions under a doctrine of non-interference; as this consciousness we are the ashtar command, a fleet of space commanders that oversee and govern all activities between interplanetary civilizations in this and other regions of distant universes.
Intergalactic Tongues: sacred tongues spoken within other interplanetary civilizations.
Integration: organization of the integral whole; fusion of the innate principle of knowing.
Interplanetary Civilizations: our consciousness in other universes, galaxies and their star systems.
Interstellar: between or among the stars.
Intrastellar: within or inside a star or stars.
Interstellar Sefirot: spiritual vessel of infinite light; bridges human consciousness with the star systems in earth�s galaxy.
Intuition: feeling the compass within the sea of life; response in terms of wholeness and synthesis; heightened level of conscious knowing.





Kaballah: mystical tradition and teaching of judiasm; tree of life that interconnects 3rd dimensional consciousness with ain soph or.
Karmic: principle of cause and effect; denotes consequences of deeds from previous incarnations; repetitive programs; what one sows, one reaps.
Kether: sefirah at the top of the triad of balance.
Key: energetic experience of accelerating frequencies designed to facilitate conscious ascension.
Kingdom of Heaven: unified time-space continuum of infinite love; energetic presence within you.
Knowing: remembrance of intergalactic consciousness; knowing within all-that-is.
Kuchavim: our consciousness as the council of 24 elders; 12 sets of galactic twin flames that administer cosmic order directly through ain soph or to the star system Sirius.



Language of Light: star codes, sacred geometry, sound, color and configurations of energy; intergalactic tongues.
Layooesh Shekinah: light within; androgyny.
Lemurian Scrolls: ancient sacred text from the civilization of lemuria.
Levitation: state of awareness through which we defy gravity and suspend our physical bodies in the air; form of telekinesis.
Lifestream: soul in embodiment; our resonant frequency in other interplanetary civilizations; consciousness as it weaves throughout dimensions within dimensions, star systems within star systems, and universes within universes; uses the astrological signs of the zodiac as the highway for incarnation into embodiment.
Light: a particle; waves of frequencies; illumination, radiant electromagnetic waves of energy; rainbow spectrum; gleam or sparkle in the eyes.
Lightbody: interstellar body of light that surrounds each lifestream; merkabah; perfected interstellar blueprint; ageless and luminous.
Light Year: distance that light travels in 1 solar year, about 5,880,000,000,000 miles; unit for measuring stellar distance.
Logoic Template: frequency of light that synergizes knowing.
Lost Consciousness: result of manipulation of DNA within human consciousness.



Magnetics: energy that attracts or repels.
Magnetism: energetically channel the flow of resonant frequencies throughout the physical body.
Magnokinesis: create and transfigure electromagnetic grids.
Mahatma: consciousness of I AM presence.
Malkuth: sefirah at the bottom of the triad of balance.
Mandate: situation or circumstance that is part of the enfoldment of the divine plan; necessary component to evolution.
Manna: spiritual nourishment; interstellar substance.
Mastery: communion of our consciousness; full conscious knowing.
Matrix/Matrices of Light: energetic projections of holographic light that solidifies through conscious intention; grids of light that sustain intercellular-interstellar substance; facsimile of dimensional templates modulated into matrices of light; transfigures the core of each atom, molecule and cell of all life; resonant frequency of light in the 5th dimension; geometric frequencies of stellar light in which other crystalline substance is embedded; Webster�s New 3rd World College Edition defines the word matrix as:

1. origin: womb or uterus;

2. energy: that takes form; .

3. anatomy: any non-living intercellular substance in which living cells are embedded as in bone cartilage;

4. electronics: a process in which several signals are combined for transmission or recording and then separated for receptivity or playback;

5. linguistics: a main or independent clause;

6. mathematics: a set of numbers or terms that arrange in rows and columns between parenthesis or double lines

Matter: density within material form; substance that relates to form and occupies space.
Medulla Oblongata: lowest part of the brain; energetically connected to the central meridian of the spinal column.
Melchizedek Priesthood: ancient spiritual order of cosmic intelligence.
Merkabah: interstellar garment for the body of light; garment of light that surrounds the lightbody.
Meshiah M�shi Shi: frequency of light that enters the physical body through the 8th chakratic gateway; christ-light.
Microcosmic-Macrocosmic Life Force: in-breath and out-breath of intrastellar-interstellar life force.
Mirror Reflection: image of self seen through the eyes of another.
Monadic Template: subtle circuitry that protects the sacred knowledge of soul�s evolution and sustains it within the hall of akashic records.
Mono-Seconds: vibrational cycles equal to one billionth of a second.
Multidimensional Consciousness: our light within earth�s galaxy and other universes.



Nautilus: direct ratio to the divine proportion PHI; 1.618 to 1.
Negative Programs: fear-based energetic thoughtforms imprinted through the subtlety of mass consciousness.
Nekkudot: tiny dots and dashes written either below or within the consonants to indicate what vowel sound accompanies them.
Netzach: sefirah at the bottom of the masculine triad.
New Matrix of Life: multidimensional state of consciousness for life in the 5th dimension.
Nibiru: planet of the reptilian civilization, known as nibiruans.
Non-Physical Lifestreams: aspects of self that live in heightened dimensions of consciousness.
North Node of the Moon: point in the orbital path of earth�s moon that sustains the frequency of potentiality.



Octahedron: platonic solid that has 8 sides.
Octave of Light: spectrum of light; sustains planetary harmonics of sound and brain wave frequencies.
Off-Planet: experiences that occur outside the sphere of earth.
Omnigalactic Source: 13th sefirah on the galactic tree of life; galactic center of unified consciousness.
Omnipresent: being present; enveloping presence both within and without.
Oneness: universal synthesis with all life; our light within consciousness.
Opus Dei: conservative catholic sect or group.
Orion: stellar constellation; assimilates our consciousness within the structural organization of the intergalactic federation; our consciousness in this civilization works in units of group souls and supports the purpose of our cosmic mission.
Oversoul: etheric substance of thousands of tiny threads of light that energetically hold the electromagnetic energy field together.
Oversoul Template: subtle circuitry that supports conscious communion of christ-light.



Paradigm: age of light.
Old Paradigm: cycle of linear time; particular program of thoughts, beliefs, emotions; limitation as a result of conditioned programming; structure that no longer serves its original purpose; Piscean Age.
New Paradigm: cycle of spherical time; new matrix of life that reflects liberation, sovereignty, equality, balance and harmony.
Parallel Reality: reality within interdimensional timelines; realities of consciousness that recycle in accordance with their own momentum; multiple realities within consciousness that are parallel to experiences in life.
Pentagrammaton: blueprint of the Tetragrammaton.
Perfection: state of being; highest degree of excellence; the nothing and the everything simultaneously.
Personality: visible aspect of one�s characteristics; program of behavioral characteristics within an individual; loving qualities that emanate from awakened human being.
Perspective: mental viewpoint or an idea of relative importance on a specific subject and its relationship to which it is applied; state of one�s ideas.
Phoenix: mythical bird; spiritual emblem of immortality
Phoenix Rises From its Ashes: internal combustion; rising from your own ashes with youth for another cycle of years.
Photokinesis: create and alter light; transmutes light and changes its colors; shifts the light spectrum; invisibility at will.
Photon Belt: an interstellar region of increased photonic light; progressive frequencies of light that vibrate to a megahertz that is much higher than human life has ever experienced on earth; 2000 year cycle.
Physiological Circuitry: elemental holding vessel for the unified circuit system; reflects spiritual aspects in the circuit system that are cosmic in nature.
Pineal Gland: pine-cone shaped gland in the brain; vestigial sense organ of the brain.
Piscean Age: patriarchal age; belief in externalized divinity; previous to the Age of Aquarius or 7th Golden Age.
Pituitary Gland: small oval endocrine gland attached to the base of the brain.
Planetary Logos: assimilates interstellar encodements into earth�s grid; synergizes advanced technologies within consciousness; scans potentialities; transfigures energy so that it is compatible with earth�s new atmosphere; sustains the key to earth�s evolution.
Platonic Solids: 5 geometric figures that share common characteristics in that all sides are equal and all angles and faces are identical; the 5th dimensional icosa-
dodecahedron is an interstellar frequency of light.
Pleiades: star system in earth�s galaxy; known as seven sisters; intergalactic civilization known as the Pleiadians.
Polarity: dualistic opposites such as light or dark.
Polarization: external reference through thought or language; creates dualistic opposites; trapped consciousness.
Portal: entry points on earth that receives and transmits cosmic frequencies; stargate to intergalactic consciousness.
Potential: capable of being; state of conscious creation; fountain of creativity.
Precognition: ability to know events before they occur.
Prophecies: set of circumstances that can affect reality; predictions that can affect other spheres of activity.
Psychic: sensitive to spiritual processes or energies; transmits awareness within the auric field or from multidimensional timelines of consciousness.
Psychokinesis: alter energy, matter, vibration and recorded times; comprises the full range of kinetic ability to greater or lesser degrees.
Pyrokinesis: control of extreme hot temperatures; varying wave lengths of frequencies that create temperature increases in all forms of matter; create and direct fire at will.



Quantum Shift: transfiguration in the mechanics of physics applicable to the atomic and nuclear level of human consciousness and form.



Ra: sun god.
Rainbow Bridge: full spectrum light that supports assimilation of multidimensional consciousness.
Rays of Divine Will: latter 5 of the 12 rays in earth�s spectrum of light that emanate from Ain Soph Or; heightened aspects of our consciousness.
Rays of Perspective: first 7 of the 12 rays in earth�s spectrum of light that emanate from Ain Soph Or; these rays sustain aspects of our consciousness.
Realization: foundation of innate wisdom and knowledge; state of consciousness that emanates the internal presence and its divine virtue; state of being self realized; acceptance of what is.
Record Keepers: guard the knowledge of other star systems and galaxies; guard records for life on earth, the continent mu, lemurian tablets and its scrolls.
Reincarnation: transition of the soul into another body or form; embodiment on earth or as other forms in other universes.
Relativity: parameter to the frame of reference in which an event occurs; reality that humans create to experience themselves.
Remote Viewing: projection from a single physical location that views a 3D event, as it occurs within the unified continuum.
Rendezvous: meeting place and time for souls to complete prearranged agreements; specific timeframe, or place, for the purpose of reconciliation.
Resonance: vibrations of different frequencies on the same wavelength; fundamental conductor and building block of the universe; inner vibrations activated in response to an external stimulus.
Resurrection: awakening from an unconscious state into full conscious awareness.
Ring Pass Not: the great barrier or separation point that can only be traversed by those who attain mastery.
Rosa Rugosa: oldest species of the rose; 5 petals and pentagonal symmetry just like the guiding star of venus, giving the rose strong iconographic ties to womanhood.
Rose Lines: longitudinal lines on maps.



7th Golden Age: age of aquarius; sustains multidimensional consciousness.
Sacred Geometry: foundation or building blocks for geometric encodements; blueprints.
Second-Coming: inner resurrection of christ-light; erroneous religious belief.
Sefirah: 1 of 10 spiritual branches on the sefirot (tree of life); garment of light that emanates our light, as an archangel.
Sefirot: kabalistic tree of life; energetic bridge between all consciousness; spiritual vessel through which ain soph or manifests within form.
Self: uniting principle as soul; our light within unified consciousness.
Self-Development: method to attain divine perfection.
Self-Identity: identification with individual self; attachment to who we are as form.
Separation: energetic division within consciousness; self-created split from who we are as source.
Seraphim: as seraphim, our light emanates from the highest order of angels and transmits the flame of infinite love directly from ain soph or.
Seven Kumaras: 7 aspects of our consciousness on Venus.
Shadow: concealed piece within self that seeks resolution; dark night of soul.
Shalusch: seeds of divinity; androgynous principles of YHVH and Shekinah; pulsates as the divine harmonics of creation; trinitized capstone of the tetrahedron.
Shamballa: return of celestial paradise; denotes heaven is here on earth; serves as headquarters for the living masters who reside on earth.
Shape Shift: transfiguration from one form to another.
Shekinah: androgynous feminine principle that is soph.
Sirius: star system in earth�s galaxy; lightbody of the 3rd dimensional world; transmits geometric codes from the language of light into our awareness; stores the remembrance of human experience as imprints, which are then transferred to the akashic records.
Solar Gateway: frequency of light; located within the main power current in the central meridian of the spinal column; superimposes central nervous system; frequency that intertwines with neurocircuitry in the brain; primes basic chakratic system for assimilation of subtle circuitry.
Solar Heart: sacred chamber of light that we enter in meditative states of awareness; 5th dimensional frequency of cosmic cadence located behind and to the right of the physical heart; energetic distributor of light that sustains an alchemical elixir; frequency of the one heart within intergalactic consciousness; pulsating rhythm that emanates its frequency from the galactic core or central sun.
Solar Logos: implements the divine plan for earth; oversees all areas of cosmic governance; interprets energetic patterns from an intergalactic perspective; facilitates sovereignty on earth.
Solar System: comprises the sun and the retinue of celestial objects gravitationally bound to it; 8 planets and their 162 known moons, 3 currently identified dwarf planets and their 4 known moons, and thousands of small bodies including asteroids, meteoroids, comets and interplanetary dust.
Soul: resonant frequency of light within the breath of first creation; evolving spark of light, which dons its garment of human embodiment for experience; directs human ego to conscious mastery according to contracts in its divine blueprint; invincible spark of creation; inner reflection of wholeness.
Soulmate: mother, father, siblings, friends, lovers, business associates coming together to complete unresolved energetic patterns; contracts arranged between souls prior to incarnation.
Soul-Spark: fiery core of inner light; twin-ray frequency.
Soul-Star: energetic gateway 6 – 12 inches above the crown of the head.
South Node of the Moon: point in the orbital path of earth�s moon; frequency of attained wisdom and innate abilities.
Sovereignty: state of divine grace; conscious state of authentic dominion; being whole and complete within yourself.
Spiritual Warrior: one who follows their inner guidance regardless of all opposition they receive.
Spoken Word: covenant of light that alters matter; declaration of the language of light made manifest through intention; spoken word I AM reflects self-actualization, sovereignty and freedom.
Star Codes: sustain geometric encodements of cosmic intelligence that energetically transmit interstellar frequencies through a grid of light; activate our consciousness and transfigure genetic composition.
Star of David: configuration of light; astronomical configuration of a 6-pointed star formed of 2 equilateral triangles so that the base of each triangle bisects 2 sides of the other; spiritual symbology for androgynous masculine and feminine; jewish symbol, the mogan david [dovid].
Stargate: interstellar portal into other star systems, galaxies and universes;star system: stellar system; groupings of stars, planets, moons and other astronomical phenomena that orbit within a gravitational field of energy.
Starseeds: our light as it emanates throughout many universes; germinate intergalactic seeds, synergize dna of each root race and birth into individualized form; align the earth with the divine plan; facilitate in the synergy of intergalactic communication and assimilate it as conscious knowing; incarnate into 3rd dimensional reality and act as a cosmic anchor for conscious ascension.
Subconscious: part of the human mind that stores mental programs.
Subtle Circuitry: grid system comprised of templates.
Superconscious: gateway or portal to higher states of consciousness; higher mind transmits frequencies through the brain�s universal computer.
Synchronicity: energetic current through which we experience the flow of life with ease and grace; solidifies the intersection of all parallel realities as they occur in the moment; experience of realities that are parallel to the one moment.
Synergize: conscious intention that uses light for transfiguration.
Synergy: unified experience of light; an inward perception of expansion within multidimensional realities.
Synthesis: fusion of separation within consciousness; unified experience of wholeness, as in universal synthesis.
Synthesize: conscious intention that fuses separation.



Tantra: ultimate sexual union; intimacy with who we are as god.
Tapestry: intricately woven threads of consciousness; sustains the primary curriculum that magnetically attracts; threads of consciousness that crisscross over and under other timelines; woven by soul to form a specific web of life.
Telekinesis: alter gravity and electromagnetics; movement of physical objects within their present location as well as at a distance.
Telepathy: energetic exchange of cosmic intelligence with resonant frequencies in this and other interplanetary civilizations; communication that transcends the 5 senses, such as thought transmission.
Teleportation: ability to instantaneously travel from one location to another; form that dematerializes and rematerializes at will, and travels throughout multiple interplanetary civilizations; assimilation of magnetic and electromagnetic frequencies of light.
Template: fixed pattern of light; basis from which frequencies modulate patterns of light and create individualized matrices through conscious intention; geometric design.
Template of Understanding: etheric grid or matrix of light that sustains a new foundation for living life in the 7th golden age.
Temple of light: sacred space within the solar heart; inner temple where we energetically experience our light as ain soph or.
Temple of the Living God: inner presence awakened within the physical body; godself.
Terra: true spiritual name for earth.
Tetragrammaton: consists of the letters yod, hey, vav, hey; yhvh.
Tetrahedron: the capstone shalusch; sustains interstellar codes within the codon of the original configuration of DNA.
Thermokinesis: generate warmth and heat; alteration of objective or subjective temperature.
Third Eye: an etheric �psychic� organ located between the physical eyes.
Thoughtforms: energetic patterns of thought that weave in and out of consciousness.
Threads of Consciousness: cords of attachment from experiences in interdimensional timelines.
Timelines: multidimensional planes of existence; realities that change according to density.
Time-lock: manipulation of time that creates stagnation for eons of time.
Time-Space Continuum: time and space where all the multiplicities of time are experienced simultaneously.
Tiphereth: upper middle sefirah in the triad of balance.
Transcend: expand beyond limits; rise above as in transcend limiting beliefs and thoughts.
Transfiguration: quantum shift, as in resurrection; meltdown of density within physiological circuitry; shift of the physical body to the refined lightbody.
Transformation: change in form, appearance and character.
Transmute: transform from one state into another.
Transmutation: change to another state of awareness; experiential process that purifies, heals and perfects.
Tree of Life: matrix of light that reveals the progression of human evolution as it strives to attain conscious understanding of itself, as creation.
Trinity: union of 3; father, son, holy spirit; aspect of a divine being.
True Self: authentic self; inner presence as godself.
Twin-Flame: identical electronic blueprint of our soul.
Twin-Ray: our light, as androgynous principles.



Ultraviolet Light: beyond the known spectrum of light.
Upgrade: amplification in frequency or vibration.
Unified Circuit System: a complicated intracellular-intercellular grid system that infuses with the meridians of our physical body through the central nervous system to the brain; functions as one unit to balance our body�s electric, magnetic and subtle systems; includes physiological circuitry, cerebral-emotional circuitry, chakratic circuitry, subtle circuitry and the galactic lightbody; a reference point for the stabilization process, which supports the final, yet essential phase of communion.
Unified Consciousness: frequency of one, rather than a reference to the frequency of many; communion of our consciousness in all galaxies and universes.
Unified Continuum: all multiplicities of time and space experienced simultaneously.
Unified Energy Field: closed circuit system, as in frequency of beloved complement.
Unified Rays of Light: frequencies of light that emanate from realms beyond the 3rd dimension.
Universe: totality of all things; creation; macrocosm of heavenly bodies of light.
Universal Law: organization of cosmic law; sustains equality, balance and synchronicity; beyond the limitations of 3rd dimensional reality.



Veils: energetic patterns that create fragmentation within the circuit system; reinforces the experience of limitation; prevents the ability to attain full consciousness.
Vesica Piscis: sacred symbol for 2 overlapping discs of light that amplify the electron particle spin.
Vibration: energy that is experienced both from within or without; oscillation of movement.
Vibrations per Mono-second: measurement of frequencies in the electron particle spin; one mono-second is equal to one billionth of a second.
Violet Flame: transmutes all dissonance and brings balance into the circuit system; activates the temple of peace; energetic technology that supports transmutation of imbalanced energy; transmits through our consciousness as the Chohan Saint Germain.
Vitakinesis: alter life force within the kingdom of nature.
Vitruvian Man: a pale yellow parchment displaying Leonardo da Vinci�s famous male nude–named for Marcus Vitruvius, the brilliant roman architect who praises the divine proportion in his text �de architectura�.
Vril: atlantean sacred tongue; language of light; cosmic energy at the base of the spine.



Walk-in: soul occupying a physical body after the former soul volunteers to eject from embodiment; usually a pre-determined contract prior to birth.
White Flame Avatars: also known as the new world servers; the term for spiritual hierarchy that describes the 144,000 human souls who assist in the transfiguration of earth into a star; builders of the new world are of all races and ages, speak all languages, and embrace all religions, sciences and all philosophies.
White Light: energetic veil of protection and safety; manifests through conscious intention.
Wisdom: quality or state of being wise; knowledge of what is true; conscious enlightenment; discernment; insight.





Yesod: lower middle sefirah in the triad of balance.
Yhsvh: frequency of light; union of yhvh and shekinah; unified consciousness.
Yhvh: tetragrammaton; sacred name for god; derived from jehovah; androgynous masculine and feminine principles within ain soph or.
Yod: fire letter in the hebrew alphabet.



Zero Point: point of intrastellar-interstellar alignment; neutrality.
Zohar Template: subtle circuitry that synergizes our light, as yhvh.
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