Golden Age Resources – Favorite Music

The following list comprises music for meditation, healing energy, bodywork or sleep relaxation.  Enjoy…


  • Aeoliah: Angels of Healing, Volume 1;
  • Anugama: Shamanic Dream 1; Shamanic Dream 2; James Asher: Dance of the Light;
  • Captain and Tennille: Love Will Keep Us Together;
  • Kevin Braheny and Tim Clark: Lullaby for the Hearts of Space; Rain; The Way Home;
  • Philip Chapman: Return of the Angels;
  • Jim Cole and Spectral Voices: Coalescence; Harmonic Singing in a Water Tower;
  • Robert Coxon: The Silent Path; Crystal Silence, 1-Beyond Dreaming; Crystal Silence 2, the Silence Within;
  • Deuter: Wind and Mountain; Nada Himalaya; Nada Himalaya 2;
  • Douglas Spotted Eagle: Pray; Closer to Far Away;
  • Dean Evenson: Ocean Dreams; Forest Rain; Healing Waters; Dream Streams;
  • Andrew Forrest: Octaves of Infinity; Starseed; Alpha-Omega;
  • Robert Gass & On Wings of Song: Om Namaha Shivaya;
  • Dan Gibson: Journey with the Whales- Solitude’s Series;
  • Jonathan Goldman: Chakra Chants; Holy Harmony;
  • Lama Gyurme and Jean-Philippe Rykiel: Rain of Blessings-Vajra Chants;
  • Steve Halpern: Starborn Suite; Inner Peace;
  • Michael Hammer: Michael Hammer Music Sampler; Dolphin Light;
  • Michael Harner: Shamanic Journey Rattle; Shamanic Journey- Multiple Drumming; Shamanic Journey- Solo and Double Drumming; Tibetan Bowl Sound for the Shamanic Journey;
  • Leonard Howell/Eagle Cloud: Whale Spirit-Shaman Journey of the Deep;
  • John Huling: Mesa Sunrise; Spirit Lands; Return to Spirit Lands;
  • Jalan Jalan: Bali Dua; Healing Collection 1, Pacific Moon records;
  • Kamal: Reiki Whale Dreaming; Reiki Whale Song; Shamanic Healing; The Quiet Earth-Dusk;
  • Snatam Kaur: Grace;
  • Tom Kenyon: The Ghandarva Experience; Wave Form 1; Wave Form 2;
  • Nawang Khechog: Rhythms of Peace;
  • Lazaris: Discover the Dreamer from Lemuria, Journey Series;
  • Gerald Jay Markoe: Music from the Pleiades; Melodies from the Pleiades;
  • Liquid Mind: Liquid Mind 111-Balance;
  • Merlin’s Magic: Healing Harmony; The Best of Merlin’s Magic; The Heart of Reiki;
  • Robin Miller: From My Heart; Transcendence;
  • Karma Moffett: Golden Bowls of Compassion;
  • Carlos Nakai: Migration, with Peter Kater; Canyon Trilogy; Inside Canyon de Chelly, with Paul Horn;
  • Steve Roach: Dreamtime Return; Desert Solitaire, with Kevin Braheny, and Michael Stearns; Kiva, with Michael Stearns- Ron Sunsinger;
  • Saggio: The Thunder of Silence;
  • Joel Sayles: Lifescapes—Relaxing Harp;
  • Ami and Steve Sciulli: Life in Balance;
  • Jonn Serrie: And the Stars Go with You; Planetary Chronicles Volume 1; Planetary Chronicles Volume 2; Ixlandia; Midsummer Century; Tingri; Spiritkeepers; Hidden Worlds, with Gary Stroutsos;  Lumia Nights;
  • Sequentia: Canticles of Ecstasy-Hildegard von Bingen;
  • Joanne Shenandoah:  Lifeblood, with Peter Kater;
  • Barbra Streisand: A Star is Born – Evergreen;
  • Valley of the Sun/Robert Slap: The Eternal OM;
  • Hilary Stagg: The Edge of Forever;
  • Swami Sarveshwarananda Giri: Sacred Chants for Innocent Hearts;
  • The Sydha Foundation: Tamboura; One Hand Clapping–Tibetan Bells with Environmental Sounds;
  • Weave: Cho Ku Rei;
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