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Golden Age Library

As the 2012-2013 global turning point rapidly approaches, we are all going through many different and perhaps challenging experiences of personal, global, and planetary conversion.

These conscious evolutionary editorials offer you transformational information and cosmic intelligence to support you in making the appropriate choice(s) for your next step of human evolution. So I honor you for taking the time to visit this Conscious Evolutionary Library.

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Every editorial posted in this library contains a genuine message that will energetically activate heightened awareness within you. And if you are open to receiving the significance of that which is being delivered, you will be able to facilitate your own shift in consciousness. For easy assimilation and understanding of the galactic concepts within these editorials, they are organized in categories according to their content of information. At the beginning of each category there is a short introduction to give you some insight as to the authentic message that is being delivered.

As the progression of human life continues to move forward, this archive of information will support those individuals interested in integrating aspects of their unified consciousness, and bringing the awareness home here on Earth.

I do hope that you will come back often to read the continuous new additions to this library of information. Enjoy.

Many blessings,

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