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Golden Age Library - Global Evolution

Global conversion is the ultimate transfiguration of life in human history. This metamorphosis affects everyone on Earth regardless of their progression towards enlightenment, even the enlightened attainment of living masters.

As this conversion quickens its momentum we are experiencing the global tipping point as well as the turning point underneath the ocean’s tides. This alteration is so immense that the human mind is unable to perceive the full impact that it has on all life on Earth. All that has been invisible is now fully visible, and we are unifying our consciousness through our innate spiritual connection, which is accessible and real.

From a global perspective this worldwide alteration redefines and modifies every system such as; science, spirituality, environment, government, finance, education, allopathic medicine, holistic alternatives, architecture, industry, and transportation etc. Therefore, the institutions within these systems undergo major transformation in their infrastructure, and this affects all of humanity in every aspect of human life. Once the conversion is complete these new systems support inclusiveness, which enables us to live in balance, harmony, equality, equanimity, synchronicity and synergy with all life.

As pioneers for co-creating a new society on Earth, it is crucial that we all come together and create a common goal in human life. Our willingness to be fluid with all that arises in the present moment is the key element to the co-creation of the new way of human life.



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