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Golden Age Library - Evolution from the Morphic Field

The Morphic Field comprises collective fields of consciousness, many which are out of alignment and embedded in a dense holographic pattern of human conditioning.  This field of dense awareness doesn’t serve our highest and best interest any longer. Hence, life in the Golden Age requires that we let go of the imbalance of ancient patterns that continue to bind us to other people’s energy by way of attachment.

Evolution from the holographic conditioning within the Morphic Field requires an in-depth understanding of the repetitive cycle of human consciousness. It necessitates that we be fully present in the here and now yet, more often than not, we choose to ignore our own direct vital and inner spiritual connection. Due to the density of the Morphic Field we define our connection to God according to external religious programming. For example, eons ago figures of ancient authority decided to change the biblical encodement within the book of divinity to their own written interpretation. Since the pattern of human conditioning is to avoid truth and accept the external word of those we consider to be authority figures in our life, in the density of the 3rd dimension, this distortion continues to alter the original spoken word and reinforces the degradation of the human spirit.

In order to BE in the moment at all times, we must calm the egoic mind and neutralize duality, polarization and separation. The wisdom offered in the transcripts within this section contains insight that helps those who are ready to make a leap from the density of 3rd dimensional consciousness and willingly cross the threshold into the realm of multidimensional awareness that the Golden Age encompasses. Those of us who choose to complete this essential transformation have the capacity to attain the awareness of unified consciousness.

If you find changes in your life a difficult thing to embrace, it is important to understand that human life on this planet is transforming very rapidly. The divine plan has allotted a certain period of time for those who are skeptical or resistant to accept the changes that both Earth and humanity are about to experience. Ultimately, every individual is responsible for making the conscious preference to evolve from the holographic conditioning within the Morphic Field.

“Expect the unexpected as constant change is the only stable condition.”





bullet point Balance within Subconscious, Waking and Superconscious
bullet point Core Imprints within the Physical, Mental and Emotional Conditioning
bullet point Duality, Polarization and Separation within the Morphic Field
bullet point Evolution From the Holographic Morphic field
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