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Golden Age Library - Planetary Evolution

As Earth aligns with the Galactic Core in the center of the Milky Way, and it moves through its own cosmic birth canal, it is showered with solar cycles, and solar flare activity that transfigures its matter, energy and body of consciousness. This solar activity interconnects the crystalline blueprint of 5th dimensional ley lines and vortices. This cosmic activity enables Earth to cleanse through the process of earthquakes, storms and geographical alterations. Although these environmental changes can be somewhat challenging to our “sense of security,” they are a natural process for the quickening momentum towards transfiguration.

The year 2013 sustains the effect of seeding a new planetary prototype for Earth, and how it assimilates advanced light from the core of the photon belt. It is this photonic frequency that supports Earth as it reallocates into the new paradigm. As Earth fully seeds its multidimensional light we are the ones who create a new prototype of human beings, and this 5D civilization supports a society that emanates an advanced enlightening world view.

“Earth's planetary evolution has finally shifted it into its aligned position within the cosmos.”





bullet point Earthquakes, Storms & Geographical Alterations
bullet point Earth's Alignment with the Galactic Core
bullet point Energy Ley Lines and Vortices
bullet point Increase of Solar Flare Activity
bullet point Seeding the New Prototype for Earth
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