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Golden Age Library - Dimensions and Their Timelines

Dimensions are neither above nor below. As dimensions merge with one another, they interweave time and space with the perpetual and eternal. Timelines within all dimensions sustain the unified field of our innate cosmic intelligence, and are the gateway to our realization of self and spiritual enlightenment. 

The merging of dimensions and their timelines bring our past and our future into the present moment. As we adjust to this advanced concept it is essential that we accept the timelines that we participate in through our perception of day-to-day human awareness. Our adaptability to consciously remember these timelines determines the degree of unified consciousness that we are able to synthesize within us. As we perceive this wisdom we attain a broad perspective of what dimensions are. The realization of this all pervasive impact on our consciousness requires that we understand how dimensions function within different time-space continuums; all dimensions and their timelines sustain vibrational frequencies of light that emanate unified aspects of our human consciousness. Their frequencies energetically support us as we consciously remember and integrate aspects of our innate God consciousness.
The more we allow ourselves to energetically feel the heightened frequencies of all of the dimensions, the more we consciously synthesize a new encodement or “template of understanding” within us. All that is required to change our perception is a sense of union with the universe in which we live.  And so the 5th dimension comprises a conceptual reality without self-created limitations or barriers. It is also beneficial for us to become consciously aware that multiplicities within time and space exist in every dimension. Are you ready and willing to fully experience moving through this portal to your consciousness?




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