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Your work is highly specialized and has the ability to facilitate profound changes as long as there is the willingness for the client to accept responsibility and do the work necessary to make those shifts. Spiritual work is not about piggybacking and is something that I learned the hard way very early on with you. Having said that, I recognize that it is because of my work with you that I am now able to stand on my own two feet, if you will. You were and always will be such a vital and important part of my life, how could it be any other way? From one woman to another, I love you, always will and honour you for the beautiful, strong, sacred being that you are and feel only gratitude for having shared part of my journey with you."

~ Adrianna Sinclaire
Vancouver, BC
April 3, 2013

5  STAR REVIEWS, July 10, 2009 from
by Midwest Book Review (Oregon, WI USA)
"More than ever before, humanity is connected to one another. “Experience Heaven on Earth: The New Matrix of Life” is a guide for new age spiritualists in using humanity and its greatly united consciousness of the modern day to gain a better understanding of the world. by understanding who people really are one gains a better understanding of oneself. A highly recommended spiritual guide."

~ James Cox
Editor Midwest Book Review
Oregon WI USA
July 10, 2009

"Salantra is a lightworker and clairsentient who brings the cumulative, integrated experiences of many intergalactic lifetimes to this book. In Experience Heaven on Earth: The New Matrix of Life, she describes the planetary shift in consciousness we are on the brink of, and empowers each reader to facilitate this personal and planetary shift.

Each of us has our own unique vibratory resonant frequency, or energetic signature which is as unique to us as our thumbprint. This signature frequency is based on the sum of the molecular resonances of all the DNA encodements, cells and substances in our body. Additionally, our personal frequency is influenced by the electromagnetic environment in which we find ourselves, from our proximity to electric devices to the geomagnetic forces of the planets, and the emanations of the stars.

The Experiential Keys in Experience Heaven on Earth: The New Matrix of Life are an energetic technology, which guides each individual to transform their own vibratory frequency on a cellular level. To be most fully effective, these Keys cannot be rushed through, or done from an intellectual place, or with expectations.  They are sequenced for a reason-- don’t skip around. Be open and present to the moment, and allow your kinesthetic and energetic awareness to unfold and develop authentically, at its own pace, and attend carefully to your experience. By honing your attention, and repeating a Key if necessary, until you sense that you have experienced the essence of what it is conveying, you will claim and deepen your own spiritual knowing and certainty.

We are quantum beings in a quantum universe, and by acknowledging this, and our most intimate interconnection with all things, we assume full responsibility for ourselves, our energy, our choices and actions and what we create. By learning to direct our consciousness to raise and refine our frequency, we can not only keep pace with the planetary changes around us, but actively participate in planetary transformation, and act most consciously for the greatest benefit for all sentient beings. Experience Heaven on Earth: The New Matrix of Life deserves a place on your metaphysical bookshelf."

~ Bev Schenler; Real Name
Teacher, Psychotherapist, and Buddhist practitioner
5 Stars Reviews, August 8, 2009

“I was amazed in the amplification of the energy coming through and that was just after the first session. Salantra truly is ateacher from the cosmos, sent to us, so that we may gain the knowledge of Ascension.”

~ Steve (Sachindra) Thiara North Vancouver, BC

"Throughout life one moves emotionally and spiritually, we hope, toward a truer form of oneself; whoever and whatever that maybe is for each of us to discover. Salantra assisted me significantly in this personal journey. Her spiritual guidance and support, guided meditations and visualizations, insights, truthfulness, sincerity and love helped me move through fear, self-judgment and criticism and brought me to a clearer personal understanding of spirit. She has supported me, as needed in this way, for over 9 years, helping to facilitate this ever evolving process. I can't imagine who I would be in my relationships without her guidance on this journey. Salantra assisted me in making the internal energetic changes I needed to move toward that truer form of self, while empowering me to continue on this path relying on my own guidance and knowing. We often seek this type of emotional and spiritual assistance from others our whole lives in hopes of freeing ourselves; I was blessed to find this assistance through Salantra who helped me to find freedom within myself."

 ~ Ann Hardy, Anthon Iowa

“ with Salantra, and be refreshed in a blessing river.”

Michelle Claire Busse, Tucson, AZ

"My experience meeting you was unusual compared to my typical meetings of people. I’ve never met someone who had such a profound effect on my body as well as my heart. You were very sweet and I felt safe, which is very rare. I am glad that I was led to you. I had an experience that I am not soon to forget. Thank you.”

~ Bonita Marks, Beaumont TX

“I am so grateful that our paths met, and for the healing you guided me through.”

~ Janet Hand, Glenwood Landing NY

“I first met Salantra in October of 1995. My MS self-help facilitating group partner told me about her. He had not met her, yet he heard about her from two of his fellow teachers. They heard of her from someone else. Salantra taught me that it was my choice at the soul level to experience MS. I had a hard time with that comment; however she helped me to understand that my body had MS, not my soul. She taught me to listen to my body and trust my inner voice. By doing so many doors opened for me."

~ Karen Commodore, Winnipeg, MB

“I am astonished at the positive changes that have occurred in the short time that I worked with Salantra. She helped me gain insight and understanding that opens another door into the process of knowing myself and living congruently with that truth.”

~ C.S.W

“Salantra is a true pioneer into oneness.”

~ Laird Randolph Busse, Tucson, AZ

“My session with Salantra uncovered a core issue that triggered a healing that rippled through my life, and all its tributaries, like a domino effect, and that is continuing. It created movement and brought understanding, healing and peace. I am grateful.”

~ Vivian Holder, Santa Ana, CA   

"Salantra creates a sacred place and brings honor and a level of commitment to build the bridge to one’s god consciousness. Her presence through intention and guidance supports your journey in a gentle, yet powerful way. Through her healing energies, she shifts the cellular memory and helps awaken the deepest quest within yourself so that you can find your way home to your sacred self. Salantra’s work unleashes or cracks open the seed potential to awaken that part of you that has been asleep. Cutting through the many veils of illusion and obscurations, she enhances the receptivity of your inner gates to allow the blessings that you so rightfully deserve to freely enter. In my own experience with Salantra, the shift for me has been about letting go of a part of my past that no longer has any use for my life now. Yet, the cellular memory of that suffering unintentionally/or intentionally was bringing imbalances up for me, keeping me on a bumpy road that no longer served me. I knew I was ready to let it go and not engage in its story. It was my time to free that part of me that was trapped and it was very liberating. I opened a window of great beauty. The images I saw while in session were so very beautiful--I want to paint them. I felt the level of commitment that she had for me and in so doing honored my journey. I experienced a vast expansion in myself that is continuing to unfold in all of the glory life has to offer."

~ Shakti Gray, Coupeville, WA

”I have been working with Salantra for about 5 months and feel she has a true gift. She has guided me through some recurrent relationship issues, and helped me see that I was facilitating many of these problems unknowingly. Her “word tools” have helped me make my relationships calmer and more fulfilling. Psychologists and Behaviorists commanding much higher prices never came close to the clarity she has given me! I look forward to our weekly telephone sessions, knowing she will help me unravel any complications that have occurred that week and keep my new empowerment on an even keel. Viva, Salantra!"

~ Sharon Chestnutt Smith, Catskill, NY

"I began working with Salantra in July 2007. Since that time, I have made several amazing and significant life changes. While I am in the energetic, yet calm and peaceful space that Salantra holds, incredible transformation happens. Much of the innate awareness is challenging to accept because its truth touches the core of my being, yet the more I embrace what surfaces, the more I energetically feel so much love around me. I know that this inner work is essential for my spiritual growth and heightened awareness, and I am grateful to my inner guidance for directing me to work with you. Because of your support, acceptance and guidance, I accept the visions and spiritual experiences that I am having. Your words are worth their weight in gold to me."

~ Adrianna Sinclaire, Vancouver, BC

"After more than 20 years of formal and informal training in personal and spiritual development, and more than 10 years of facilitating others, imagine my surprise when through following my inner knowing, I entered a new level of training, through a totally unexpected avenue. In agreeing to support my dear friend, Salantra, in editing her book, which is an energetic workbook, I began a 2-year odyssey of spiritual evolution and energetic training. In truth, the journey is just beginning. This training has taken my coaching in a far more focused direction—one focused on conscious ascension into the 7th golden age. This awareness supports me as I experience my own spiritual connection and evolution."

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~ Sylvia Davi, Mamaroneck NY



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