The Book – Experience Heaven on Earth: The New Matrix of Life

Humanity is experiencing a quantum shift into another era of light, and as wayshowers for creating a new way of life it is crucial that we mark our footprints along the way. Although this conversion is occurring both globally and personally, our transformation is so immense that we are responsible for integrating the remembrance of experience from other dimensional timelines of awareness. And so, we as a human race have the opportunity to realize all that we are as unified consciousness, and bring this knowing home to where we are on Earth. The key to this synthesis is that our innate knowing arises while we live in 3rd dimensional embodiment.

The new matrix of life is where all possibilities and probabilities become full potentialities and manifest as creative diversity. In order to create this new foundation, the portal to the 5th dimensional matrix redefines our way of life as its frequency sweeps through us like a tsunami that floods us with the waters of purification, rejuvenation and complete restoration. This essential groundwork supports transformation in the individualized fields of science, religion and spirituality. And, it creates essential conversion in the systems of health, education, economics, government, environment, technology, transportation, community, as well as the role of race and creed within society. The impact of this new threshold is just the tip of the iceberg, and the breakdown of these systems alters our emotional, mental and material stability. Although this perception is unfamiliar to most of mass consciousness, it is the responsibility of each individual to be cognizant enough to live a life that emanates the attributes of steadfastness, equality and equanimity.

As pioneers for this monumental conversion we are participating in our own profound creation; one that enables us to experience inner knowing, joy, abundance, truth and infinite love. The more we actualize these 5th dimensional qualities, the more we experience profound multidimensional attributes of creativity, liberation, freedom and sovereignty. Everyone’s experience of this fulfillment is unique to the individual, yet the greater picture is for humanity to build a new foundation for how we, as a human race, choose to live in a multidimensional realm of awareness. Are you ready to experience all that you are as a being of light and energy, while in human embodiment?

The book, Experience Heaven on Earth: The New Matrix of Life contains a genuine universal message that prepares us for this advanced cycle of life on Earth. The unified frequency of light within this book sustains encodements from the language of light, which support us we liberate ourselves from archaic paradigms of organized teachings. It underscores the subtle perception that as we remember all that we are, we give ourselves an opportunity to experience the grand scope of multidimensional life. Its frequency strengthens our ability to fully practice independent thinking and live life through experiential feeling.

Every moment that conversion occurs it directs our awareness inward, which enables us to merge with frequencies of our own light, and transmute multiple patterns within our circuit system. The energetic activations in this book contain advanced frequencies of light that facilitate the awakening of your cords of remembrance, as if to say, “ah yes, this knowing is familiar.” This recognizable knowing is different than what we, as a human race, are accustomed to, as it is encoded with interstellar frequencies that emanate highly developed transmissions of our own pulsation of light. The advanced frequencies within these energetic activations enable you to amplify the momentum of your electron particle spin located in the central conduit, or central meridian of your spinal column.

As we release the human conditioning from our elemental circuit system, we honor the past remembrances that arise and in doing so, we have the opportunity to take full responsibility for the creations that we once set into motion. The more we amplify our frequency, the more we enable ourselves to energetically feel our resonant pulsation of light within other timelines of our consciousness. The more we remember all that we are, the more we synthesize our light and integrate the past and the future into the present moment. And, in accordance with divine timing we consciously experience all that we are as unified consciousness, while in human embodiment.

As the journey of our human evolution becomes inclusive, soul fully embodies our human form, and we energetically feel the frequency of our resonant pulsation of intergalactic light. The more that we remember off-planet experiences, and take full responsibility for our interplanetary creations in other civilizations, the easier it is to earn our galactic passport as an interplanetary citizen. Our consciousness unifies, we embody the true resonance of our intergalactic self, and we are in cosmic service to that which is deemed appropriate for the intended purpose of our cosmic mission.

Wherever we are along the spiral of our spiritual evolution, our resonant pulsation of light facilitates conversion between the past and the future, and brings our knowing into the present moment. As we accelerate our rightful passage through the cosmos, our intergalactic frequency of light greets us wherever we are, and yet, we are fully present with life on Earth. Are you ready to complete your graduation from 3rd dimensional density, and experience all that you are as unified consciousness?

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